Taking Notes

What do people say about Physio Mama?

"I was worried that having my appointment online would be more difficult. Sam put me at ease and I have been amazed at the improvement in my symptoms even though I have had all my treatment online"

"Sam was the first person to really see me as me- not just a collection of symptoms. She made me feel comfortable discussing my problems, even the things I really find hard to talk about (like my depression and anxiety). She helped me to work out how I could stop leaking urine and start doing more in a way that worked for me."

"I had not realised how much pain I was in (from my pelvic girdle pain) until I started physio, then suddenly my pain was less and I could enjoy walking around the park again with little boy"

“I was miserable, I was heavily pregnant and in so much pain in my hips, I could not sleep or get comfortable. The tips and advice made an instant difference, particularly as Sam looked at my house and helped suggest ways I could adapt things to help ease the strain on my body, and I could finally get comfortable and sleep- at least till Leo arrived!”

“ having physio online was actually better than when I have been to clinics before- it was more convenient and it really helped to be able to show how I was doing my exercises at home, and the things like lifting the car seat into the house that I was finding hard”

​"I wasn't sure what physios did- I was nervous, but Sam was recommended by a friend. I wanted to get fit again and loose my mummy tummy but I did not want an army major type shouting at me. Sam helped me tame my tummy and got me back to running again, she was the opposite of an army major, supporting but challenging me just when I needed it and really made me feel positive and body confident again"

“after my physio I no longer spend each trip out round town anxiously looking for the nearest toilet. I feel confident I can control my body and no longer need the TENA :)”