Physio Mama is a COVID secure physiotherapy service

What Health and Safety measures do you have in place?

The Health and Safety of patients and staff is Physio Mamas top priority. Physio Mama follow the latest Public Health England advice, Goverment and Council guidance and Health Professional / Physiotherapy guidance.

Health and Safety is at the core of what I do, I have been a Health and Safety Representative for the Chartered Society of physiotherapists for over 16 years, and have been the Vice Chair of the National Group of Regional Safety Representatives.

Because of the high number of COVID 19 cases currently to keep everyone safe we are only offering Video/ Telephone

What experience do you have with infectious diseases and COVID 19?

I previously worked on the Infectious Diseases wards and have specialised in Respiratory Diseases which included a wide range of infectious diseases. I maintain close links with the teams working with COVID patients and have attended online confrences such as the ERS International Congress COVID and program and physiotherapy specific COVID related events. I have contributed to research on COVID 19 as a PPI contributor.

I have been supporting patients with COVID 19 including "long COVID" symptoms.

How are you managing COVID 19?

Physiotherapists have stingent guidelines in place to manage COVID 19 risks, which are constantly updated.

Currently all Physio Mama appointments are online or via telephone, though this may be adapted as/ when the COVID 19 situation changes.

Can you really do Physiotherapy online / via phone?

Its a great question lots of people ask. The simple answer is Yes!

You (the patient) being in your own home actually has lots of advantages- Patients say they find it convienient being able to stay at home rather than coming into clinic, which can be hard work if you have to bring a baby/ other children with you. They find that in their own environment babies are more settled and have access to all their toys. They also say that its convienient too with less time spent getting to appointments and it can be less irritation of their symptoms too than going to an appointment if for example they have Pelvic Girdle pain that is irritated by getting in and out the car and walking.

From a Physiotherapists perspective this is where my years of Physiotherapy expereince, skills and expertise come in. I work with you every step of the way, explaining what I am looking at and teaching you the skills to help you manage your condition. Its really helpful seeing you in your own environment doing the tasks that you may be struggling with, so I can see exactly what the issues are and advise you on stratergies that may help immediately.

What should I do if I am unsure video/ telephone treatment is suitable for me

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or to ask how Physio Mama may be able to help you: