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Pregnancy and Beyond Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

As a specialised Women’s Health Physiotherapist, I provide individualised assessments and treatment to help you manage problems such as:

·        Pelvic girdle pain

·        Back pain

·        Incontinence

·        Carpal tunnel

·        Rectus Diastasis- mummy tummy

I also help women return to fitness and to boost their postnatal recovery. Read on to find out more about how I can help you achieve your goals whatever they may be.

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How can Physio Mama help you?

Physio Mama provides bespoke physiotherapy for pregnant/ postnatal mums in the comfort of your home through online appointments. This enables me to treat you safely no matter what stage of Lockdown or COVID restrictions we are experiencing. I can also tailor advice specifically to your needs and home environment to help optimise your treatment.

I am passionate about working with you to help you to achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

Do you want help to:

  • manage pregnancy related aches and discomfort (including pelvic girdle pain)

  • improve your continence or pelvic floor

  • maintain your fitness through safely adapting exercise programmes

  • improve "mummy tummy" Rectus Diastasis

  • boost your recovery and return to sport or other activities

  • live your life to the full

Most women respond well to treatment for pregnancy and postnatal issues.

Don’t worry if you're not sporty or are not sure what your goal is. Helping you identify your goal is my specialty. Many of my patients are keen to get back to running but many have other goals- being able to go for a walk with the kids in the park with less discomfort, getting rid of their mummy tummy,  being able to stand long enough to bake a cake, go on a trampoline at a kids Birthday party… the list is endless 😊!

Please get in touch to see how I can help you to achieve your goals.


About me

As a mum of 3 my experiences of pregnancy and the challenges that my body went through along with the highs and lows of having a young family made me determined to help other women.  As an experienced physiotherapist specialising in rehabilitation/exercise, I’m passionate about helping you to achieve your goals using treatment designed to fit in with your life. I know how much of difference it can make.

I have 17 years of experience in Rehabilitation, exercise and goal setting. I have a wide range of experience, having worked in many of Birmingham’s major hospitals and in community environments providing rehabilitation and symptom management treatments. I am passionate about providing excellent patient centred care and am a lecturer as well as contributing to maternity and COVID research.

I am a member of The Health and Care Professions Council, European Respiratory Society and The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. In addition to many post registration courses have completed the acclaimed Burrell Education Advanced Postnatal Wellness Practitioner Level 2 Certificate.


Opening Hours

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Monday to Friday and weekends by appointment: 7am-9pm


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